Sometimes not all the people we work with are the best colleagues we would expect.

In every Company there are different personalities and attitudes, some of them are perfectly suitable with ours. Others, unfortunately, are a bit toxic… Day by day, they are able to drop our energy level down.

At the beginning it’s only a little bothering, but if you are not resilient enough, it could become a “rash” in the medium-long term!

Let’s take those people out, their behaviors are not healthy neither for you… nor for them.

Here you can find a brief list of some of those “toxic colleagues”… I’m sure you’ve met one of them in your experience J Isn’t it?


  • The Envious: he spends more time looking at what you’re doing, rather than thinking about what he should do! Every step forward in your career is like a stab in his heart. He smiles, but he is intimately wearing out. Yes… He is really frustrated. What he has not understood yet is that until he focuses on the others’ achievements, he won’t achieve his own one! Don’t worry it’s not about you… it’s about him.
  • The Sloth: he is one of the most challenging for me! I’m a very fast thinking person, dynamic and proactive. What happens when a person like me meets someone veeeeeery slow in thinking / doing / reacting? Personally, I get crazy. It is like driving a car with the handbrake on… Of course, everyone needs his own “time” and I respect it, but wasting time is another matter…
  • The Quarrelsome: he is always right and, obviously, the other people are always wrong. It doesn’t matter how long have you spoken with him using your best negotiation skills. He won’t change his mind and the more you insist, the more he gets aggressive and stubborn. Every discussion could be a potential bomb! Taking it easy is not an option for him…
  • The Saboteur: he does everything he can to demotivate and obstruct. His favorite “strategy” is to complain about people / projects / company. He is used to insinuate doubts about what is (im)possible to reach. Let’s imagine an optimistic person… well, he is exactly the opposite! No good, No party, No success.
  • The Lazybones: pretending to be busy is his real job. Actually he prefers watching other people working… delegation is one of his main strengths… does he know that there is a thin line between delegating and not taking his own responsibilities?


It’s really not easy working with such a kind of people… and sometimes we cannot avoid to do it.

So, the question is: how can we protect ourselves?

My personal piece of advice is: don’t give them the power to impact on your mood!

“A good half of the art of living is resilience.” ― Alain de Botton


Enza Artino
International Service Manager at Wyser
Coaching Competence Center Manager at Gi Group